Locks Taxidermy
Deer Processing

As a Wildlife Science graduate of Texas A&M University, I have been taking all my game animals to Lock's Taxidermy and Meat Processing for over 20 years.  The Locks have mounted trophy whitetails, mule deer, elk, redfish, and hybrid stripers for me, my wife, son, and grandson.  Every mount is absolutely beautiful, natural looking with great detail.  Each mount looks just like it did on day one.  Locks also custom processed all our meat in only a few days.  The meat was always clean, vacuum packaged for maximum freezer life, and labeled for easy identification.  Their prices have been better than anyone else"s for the quality of their work.  They actually tenderize all the steaks at no additional fee.  The "Jerky sticks" and "Hunter sticks" have been a big favorite of our family.  A big plus is their 24 hour drop off location so you so you can take your game in at anytime and have it in cold storage immediately.


The Eddy Howton Family

Salado, Texas