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Deer Processing
Locks Deer Processing

We cut deer one at a time so you will get back the deer you brought in. Deer we process do not have a gamey flavor because they are cut with a knife and well trimmed. We do not use a meat saw. If we will not eat it ourselves, we will not package it. There is no difference in price if the deer is brought in skinned or not skinned.
If the meat is brought in for sausage, there is only the sausage charge if meat is clean and boned out.
We vacuum seal your meat to extend freezer life and add flavor and freshness. We hope you will like this service


Ham steak: deboned, sliced by hand, then tenderized
Backstrap: can be cut into steak and tenderized or left whole for roast
Trimmings: ground into hamburger or chili meat


All sausage is made with roasts which are extra lean, not with pork trimmings which can be very high in fat content. They are less fat than most sausage you buy. Our mix is half pork and half venison.

24 Hour Cooler Open September thru February